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Optical Design






Products and brands

OptoSigma - Optical Components and Opto-Mechanics to hold, control and adjust. For laboratory and industrial applications.
OptoSigma - Motorized Stages. For automated positioning in research and industry labs.
Sill Optics GmbH - Objective Lenses for Laser- and Vision Applications. Telecentric solutions for demanding situations. For industrial laser processing equipment and inspection.
molenaar optics Iris Diaphragms made in Germany. A large selection of variable apertures for laser-, imaging- and illumination applications.
molenaar optics Diode Laser Modules for alignment, illumination and a myriad of research applications. We are offering the most common red and green wavelengths.
Graticules Optics Ltd. - Graticules for test-, measuring- and aiming applications. Products include simple crosshairs to complicated research patterns. Formerly, part of Pyser Optics Ltd.
Pyser Optics Ltd. - Optical solutions for defense and hunting applications. 
S-T Industries Inc. - Profile Projectors, service and calibration, also for other brands.
molenaar optics Optical Design - application assistance and optical design service.