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About us

Founded in 1994, Molenaar Optics is a globally active corporation in advanced optical technology products and engineering solutions for fields including research, life & health science, aerospace & defence, automotive, industrial manufacturing, food processing, semiconductors and microelectronics. Built-up over more than 20 years, our technical knowledge and photonics expertise enables us to assist customers with a broad range of applications selecting from our innovative products and solutions in areas such as opto-mechanical components and mounts, optical filters and gratings, motorized stage systems, laser optics, alignment lasers, vision optics, measuring instruments and customized systems.


Download our General Terms and Conditions:

English: MolenaarOptics General Terms and Conditions.pdf

Dutch: Molenaar Optics Algemene Voorwaarden.pdf

You can reach us at:

Molenaar Optics
PO box 2
NL-3700 AA  Zeist
Gerolaan 63A
NL-3707 SH  Zeist
The Netherlands
Tel.: (+31) 30 6951038
Fax: (+31) 30 6961348

K.v.k. No.: Utrecht 30123889

BTW/VAT No.: NL-8077.40.251.B011