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Profile Projectors

The largest selection of 360mm/14", 400mm/16", 600mm/24" and 760mm/30" profile projectors...

...manufactured for a long trouble-free life with highest measuring accuracy

Molenaar Optics distributes and services Optical Comparators and Video Inspection Systems from US manufacturer S-T Industries, Inc. in the Benelux and Germany.

Click on each of the models to see a detailed description on the S-T Industries website.

In December 2018, S-T Industries has closed its manufacturing business. Molenaar Optics is still servicing and calibrating existing equipment. also, sometimes we find good used instruments. Please send us a message when you need our assistance.
S-T Industries Catalogs --- Download brochures
Now, all S-T Industries  Comparators  and  Video  Inspection  Systems  are available with Metlogix  M2,  M2E or
M3 Touch Screen PC  Based  Digital Readout.
360mm/14" Profile Projectors / Optical Comparators
3500 Series 14 3500/3550 Series
The 3500 Series 360mm/14" benchtop horizontal beam model is the perfect general purpose optical comparator.

Brochure 3500

3700 Series model 14" horizontal beam optical comparator 3700 Series
he 3700 Series model is our top of the line 360mm/14" erect-image horizontal beam optical comparator. The 3700 is the ultimate system for load capacity and accuracy.
 4600 Series model 14" vertical beam optical comparator 4600 Series
The 4600 Series model is our top of the line 360mm/14" vertical beam optical comparator. The 4600 offers a 200x100mm travel measuring stage or an available 300x100mm travel option.




400mm/16" Optical Comparator
1600 Series 16" Erect Image horizontal beam optical comparator 1600 Series
The 1600 Series 400mm/16 erect-image horizontal beam optical comparator features a rugged steel structure and a 300x125mm travel measuring stage.




600mm/24" Profile Projectors / Optical Comparators
2400 Series 24 2400 Series
The 2400 Series 600mm/24" vertical beam
optical comparator features heavy duty, all steel construction, an ultra bright, extremely sharp image, 3-position lens turret.


2450 Series 24" horizontal beam optical comparator 2450 Series
The 2450 Series 600mm/24" horizontal beam
optical comparator features a rugged steel construction, erect image, large 300x200mm measuring travel, 3-position lens turret.



760mm/30" Profile Projectors / Optical Comparators
2600 Series 30 2600 Series
The 2600 Series 760mm/30" horizontal beam optical comparator has been a leader in the industry for more than 30 years.


5600 Series 30 5600 Series
The 5600 Series 760mm/30" horizontal beam optical comparator is the Flagship of the S-T Industries product line.


Rebuild Your 30" Scherr-Tumico Optical Comparator 760mm/30" Remanufactured
Is your aging SCHERR-TUMICO 760mm/30" comparator collecting dust? Don't recycle it; REBUILD IT!

At a Fraction of the Cost!



Charts and Screens for Optical Comparators

Fixtures for Horizontal Optical Comparators

Fixtures for Vertical Optical Comparators


Video inspection systems
8700 Series
The 8700 Series video inspection system is the perfect alternative and complement to the optical comparator. Precision, zoom optics combined with a high resolution camera and monitor provide a superior image for inspection.
9100 Series
S-T Industries' Model 9100 video inspection system is a mid-range model with larger stage travel and integrated granite base and column.
9700 Series
The 9700 Series video inspection system offers a superior structural design using steel and granite to provide a highly rigid platform. As heavy-duty model it comes with a measuring stage with 300x300mm travel.
7600 Series
The 7600 Series video inspection system offers a design to provide industry-unique 220 kg load capacity. The standard CNC-controlled heavy-duty model comes with a measuring stage with XYZ travel 300x150x150mm.



USED MODELS:  Please call (+31-30-6951038) for the latest information, we sometimes have used profile projectors available.

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