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New Laser Beam Expanders from OptoSigma


Laser Beam Expanders are optical devices used to collect a collimated beam of laser light to expand or reduce its size, depending on the orientation used. They are used for reducing power density, minimizing beam diameter, and reducing laser spot size. Beam expanders are useful in a variety of applications including interferometry, laser scanning, remote sensing, laser machining, laser ranging, high power lasers and more. Molenaar Optics offer both variable (zoom) and fixed magnification laser beam expanders from OptoSigma. Off the shelf standard high-power laser beam expanders are available for wavelengths around the four YAG-laser harmonics and in a large selection of fixed and variable magnifications.
OptoSigma Advanced Optics for NASA's New Mars Rover

OptoSigma has delivered advanced optical components for NASA's new Mars Rover to be launched in 2020.

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