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Optical Design






Industrial Laser Optics & Vision Camera Objectives

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Sill Optics: manufacturer of optics for industrial applications



Laser Optics

Laser Scan Lenses for 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm and 266 nm

Telecentric Laser Scan Lenses

Laser Scan Lenses for special wavelengths and applications

Protection Windows for Laser Optics

Laser Beamexpanders

Zoom-Beamexpanders from 1x up to 8x

Laser Focusing Doublet and triplet Objectives
Aspheric Laser Focusing Lenses



CCD Lenses


CCTV Camera Lenses

CCD Camera Lenses

CCD Lenses for special applications

CCD Zoom Lenses

Telecentric Lenses for Machine Vision


Telecentric Zoom Lenses

Telecentric CCD Lenses for Matrix Cameras

Double sided Telecentric Lenses

Telecentric CCD Lenses for Line Cameras

Telecentric Lenses with coaxial surface illumination

Telecentric LED Illuminators


Profile-Projection Objectives

Profile-Projection Magnification Lenses

Mounted Condensers

OEM Optics

  The dedicated and experienced Sill Optics team helps finding the best solution for any opto-mechanical application. A direct link to the production floor ensures the feasibility of the optical and mechanical design.


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