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Portable and Modular Measuring Microscopes & Graticules

Inspecta Microscope Modules

Build your own microscope with all separately available modules, including body parts, eyepieces, magnification lenses, focusing mechanisms, stages, measuring graticules, camera adapters...

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Inspecta Microscope Components and Systems

IVIS Inspection System

Inspecta Portable Microscopes featuring built-in graticule with measuring scale and illumination

These unique robust portable microscopes with factory-calibrated magnification are designed for use in the workshop, laboratory or on-site in field locations with an accuracy comparable to what can be achieved with full size conventional microscopes.

Typical uses include measurement of drilled holes in PCBs, thread pitch measurement, plastic components, cracks, defects, slits, apertures, microcircuits, etc.

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Portable Microscopes     Measuring Scales      MAG 6 and MAG 7 Magnifiers


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